Crown Princely Couple of Sweden expecting baby no. 2!

Crown Princess Victoria PregnantWhen I read the news last Saturday, I squealed with joy.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 10.27.18

Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel seem like absolutely doting parents with Princess Estelle, and I’m sure she will be an enthusiastic big sister, to say the least!

Congrats to them, congrats to Sweden!

My royal sources are suggesting Princess Sofia may be expecting as well… I think that’s pretty plausible. (Far more believable than Kate being pregnant with baby no. 3, as lots of US mags are speculating.)

My Swedish Royal Wedding Adventure: Pt. I

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 10.58.50When I moved back to Germany last October, I made a vow (pun intended) to myself that I would make it to a royal wedding, and lucky for me a longtime blog friend who lives in Stockholm kindly offered to host me. So, back in January I submitted my vacation requests for the summer—shoutout to Germany’s generous allotment of vacation days, 28 for me per year! My coworkers laughed it off, they couldn’t believe i was literally going to Stockholm to see the Swedish wedding.


Side note: Hey to all my coworkers reading this right now. 😉 So glad that this little blog made its rounds through the office mail (HA!) I’m only a little bit embarrassed, except not in the least.

Two months ago I bought my tickets to Sweden and that was that.

I arrived in Sweden last Thursday and immediately fell in love with everything. And then I met my longtime blog friend and she gifted me the plates shown above. I screamed with joy.

These plates are a big deal to me on so many levels, first of which, HELLO, ROYAL MEMORABILIA. Secondly, I just moved into my very own first-all-mine apartment and have approximately no things. These plates are my first grown-up-household-gift. And lastly, I’m so flattered that my friend would bestow them to me, I’ll have them forever, and forever be thankful for her kind gesture.

So after I came down (actually, I’ll probably never fully recover) from my initial Sweden high, I had a lot of preparing to do for the wedding. And by that I mean I had to figure out where to go and how to get there and the best place to stand. Which really only took 20 minutes of research in reality. But let’s pretend like I had a room with pictures and articles posted all over the walls with strings connecting them all like I made this into a proper operation. (Or maybe not, because that image sounds a bit too real and a bit like I’m a nutcase.)

Really I was bumming wifi off the neighborhood coffee shop trying to sift through Swedish news sites for any info. But that’s neither here, nor there…

Princess Leonore of Sweden at the Pumpkin Patch

Princess Leonore

I love that Princess Madeleine shares snippets of her family’s life on Facebook. Not too much, but just enough. I think it’s such a great way of meeting the people/media halfway. I think Kate and William could learn a lot from royals that embrace this way of compromising.

Anyway, this particular post Princess Madeleine shared of Princess Leonore at the pumpkin patch was too cute not to share. Look at her cute bow! And those leopard shoes!


Royal Rewind: Week of June 6, 2014


QE II + Q M of DenmarkNote: Let’s skip to the good stuff. If you want day-by-day rundowns of what the royals around the world were up to this past week, this site is far better at keeping up than I am.

This week in Royal news…

The Queen celebrated her coronation anniversary the same day King Juan Carlos announced abdication.

The Danish Royal Family celebrated Prince Consort Henrik’s 80th birthday.

The Queen opened Parliament.

Crown Princess Victoria presented the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award.

King Carl XVI Gustaf attended veteran ceremony.

Prince Felipe spoke at ‘Marques de Viana’ Awards.

King Filip of Belgium met with President Barack Obama.

The British Royals paid respect for D-Day in Normandy along with various other royalty from around the world. (Including QEII and Queen Margrethe of Denmark, pictured above.)

Around the web…

Grace Kelly’s life in photos.

A thorough examination of Prince Harry’s love life; Past, present, and perhaps, future.

Queen Maxima and Obama seemed to hit it off.

This selfie will never get old.

Hashtag for Princess Leonore’s christening is set. (Yes, that sentence says exactly what I intended.)

Pump. The. Breaks.

Royal Protocol 101: The Difference Between A ‘Crown Princess’ and a ‘Princess’

(This particular post has to do with Scandinavian Royal Protocol.)
It’s a seemingly simple explanation, though one I hadn’t quite come to realize until just recently…

I assumed Crown Princess (or Prince) was merely a title given, a fancier twist, if you will. But once I thought about it, I remembered that with royals, nothing is happenstance or done on a whim. So I looked further into the title of ‘Crown Princess.’

A ‘Crown Princess’ is heiress apparent.

The perfect example is the Swedish Royal Family:
The first born of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden is Victoria. Since she will then inherit the throne (thanks to the 1979 Act of Succession), she is Crown Princess Victoria.

The King’s two other children are then simply Prince Carl Philip, and Princess Madeleine.

Furthermore, Crown Princess Victoria’s daughter Estelle, being the heiress apparent’s first born, will become Crown Princess Estelle after Victoria’s ascension to the throne.

Royal Rewind: Week of April 25, 2014

William and George April 25, 2014

This week in Royal news…

The Spanish Royals attended Easter Mass in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Infanta Leonor and Sophie looked darling, as usual.

Prince George was absolutely precious, though a bit unimpressed, on Easter Sunday at the Taronga Zoo.

The British Royals attended Easter service at Windsor Palace with the Queen.

A new portrait was unveiled of Queen Elizabeth II in honor of her 88th birthday.

The Ducal family was photographed on their day of rest and the BRF PR was not happy. But we got this .gif of Kate clicking her heels, which I like to think is her way of ‘sticking it to the haters.’

William and Kate went to Uluru to recreate visit the breathtaking views of the Australian outback… awkwardness was aplenty as the couple was photographed with Will saying to Kate, ““So what shall we talk about?” They then ‘glamped.’

The Queen and Prince Consort of Denmark had paid a State visit to China.

The Duchess of Cornwall’s younger brother passed away after a freak accident in New York.

William and Kate visited Adelaide and tried DJing. Again, awkwardness ensued.

The Swedish Royal Family released photos of baby Princess Leonore with her cousin, Princess Estelle. If you listen closely, you can hear the ‘awwwws’ around the world. (Or, at least mine.)

Kate wore an American designer dress for formal event in Canberra.

William and Kate attended ‘previously unscheduled’ memorial service, visited tomb of the Unknown Soldier, planted tree, and bid farewell to Australia, ending tour officially.

Around the web…

First, GEORGE. The best of, because hello!

And The Official Ranking of his facial expressions. He is killing it.

Kate went from low, low, to neck high… oh girl, pick a happy medium!

Tour Question #8320: Where were the jewels?

US Weekly photoshopped their Prince George cover for God knows why.

Cressida allegedly ‘spooked’ by royal life after talking with Kate… and I’d just like to let it be known, Harry, I volunteer to take on the painstaking role of being your Princess. No matter how many tiaras and jewels I may be forced to wear, long hemlines be damned!

Photo credits: image one

Royal Rewind: Week of April 18, 2014



This past week in Royal news…

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wrap up last days of New Zealand tour with Palm Sunday church service, rugby, boating, and of course, a little wine. (Putting pregnancy rumors to rest.)

And Cricket.

William and Kate spent a night away from Prince George in $15,000 per night resort.

Prince Harry gave speech at London Marathon.

Prince Charles and Camilla will visit Canada next month.

Princess Madeleine and husband Chris O’Neill to christen daughter Leonore on their first wedding anniversary, June 8, 2014.

The Danish Royals gathered to celebrate Queen Margrethe II’s 74th birthday.

William, Kate, and George arrive in Australia, William told Kate she looked like a banana in yellow dress.

Around the web…

Similarities of Kate’s outfits to Princess Diana’s are often made, but is she now looking to the Queen’s closet for inspiration?

Cressida Bonas not Prince Harry’s friends’ first pick.

Kate made joke about William’s baldness. World holds breath.

Kate’s Royal tour looks could double as stewardess uniforms.


Photo credit: image one

The Future Kings and Queens of Europe

Future Kings and Queens of Europe

Future Kings and Queens of Europe As we wait for Prince George’s first official royal engagement to take place–a royal play group!–I figured it’d be a great time to introduce the future monarchs of Europe.

Starting with…

Princess Elisabeth of Belgium

Princess Élisabeth of Belgium

Born: 25 October 2001 (age 12) First in line of succession to her father, King Philippe of Belgium Princess-Catharina-Amalia

Princess Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands

Born: 7 December 2003

Heiress apparent after her father, King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands. Princess Catharina-Amalia was a bridesmaid in the wedding of her godmother, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden.


Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway

Born: 21 January 2004

Second in line to succession preceded by her father Haakon, Crown Prince of Norway, who is heir apparent of his father, Haakon, Crown Prince of Norway. Princess Ingrid was also a bridesmaid in the wedding of her godmother, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden.

Prince Christian of Denmark

Prince Christian of Denmark

Born: 15 October 2005

Second in line of succession preceded by his father, Crown Prince Frederik, heir apparent to his mother, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. Prince Christian was a page boy in the wedding of his godmother, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden.

Infanta Leonor of Spain

Infanta Leonor of Spain

Born: 31 October 2005

Second in line of succession preceded by her father, Felipe, Prince of Asturias, heir apparent to his father, King Juan Carlos I of Spain.

Princess Estelle of Sweden

Princess Estelle of Sweden

Born: 23 February 2012

Second in line of succession preceded by her mother,  Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, heiress apparent to her father, King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden.

Prince George And of course…

Prince George of Cambridge

Born: 22 July 2013

Third in line of succession preceded by his father, Prince William, second in line to Prince Charles, heir apparent to his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Photo credit: image one // image two // image three // image four // image five // image six // image seven // image eight