Royal Rewind: Week of April 4, 2014

William and Kate St. Andrews' graduation 2005

This past week in Royal news…

Since releasing last week’s latest family portrait, many have pointed out the similarities between Prince George and his mother, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Prince William, Prince Harry, and Kate attended friends’ Lucy Meade and Charlie Budgett’s wedding. Cressida was not in attendance.

Kate shopped at the Gap, 500 yards from Kensington Palace, while security waited outside in running vehicle.

Prince William, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Queen unveiled a new horse statue among cherry blossoms.

Worries grow as details continue to be released regarding the Royal tour Down Under.

Queen still kindles her love of horses at age 88.

The Duke of York, Prince Andrew, was bitten by the selfie bug.

Princess Eugenie visited hospital where she underwent spinal surgery as a child, opened a new wing.

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh met with the Pope at Vatican. Pope presented gift for Prince George.

Harry and Cressida’s engagement will be ‘sooner than many people think.’

Prince Harry visited Olympic Park, cuteness ensues.

Around the web…

Great piece from Victoria Arbiter, a second-generation Royals correspondent, on living at Kensington Palace.

Who wore it best from the ladies at Go Fug Yourself, as awesome as you’d expect.

PopSugar covered the ‘Evolution of the Royal Portrait.’

Kate Middleton Review wrote insightful piece on Kate’s shopping trip to the Gap.

Love, Lola wrote about the possible reasons Cressida wasn’t at the ‘Walking with the Wounded’ charity event, and also Royal bling. Both topics that prove more than intriguing.

And, as expected, everyone’s prepping for the Royal Tour… less than two days to go! More details to follow…

The Cambridges release new family portrait

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Release Family Photograph Ahead Of Tour To Australia & New Zealand

By George! How he has grown

A new portrait was released this week of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and sweet Prince George (and pup Lupo, too!) just in time for Mother’s Day (in the United Kindgom). I’m personally a bit disappointed that we only see the side of Prince George’s cherub-like face, but he sure looks cute from the side. He is reported to have ‘Middleton eyes‘ and is wearing a personalized sweater from grandpa Prince Charles.

Awkward family photo

To be honest, at first I wasn’t even sure if this photo was real. It reminded me a lot of the spoof photos artist Alison Jackson often does.

It’s a bit washed out, and I was surprised they would pick such a photo that 1. has George looking the wrong direction, and 2. makes Kate look as though she is gritting her teeth in disdain. It’s still a sweet photo, I just wouldn’t have picked it myself.

Kate Middleton Review wrote a blog post about the photo and touched on a lot of things I had previously overlooked. Like the fact it’s incredibly staged and appears to have a feeling of gloom about it.

Is it a coincidence that we are viewing them through the window?  It’s not an invitation into their intimate family moment—as other royal baby pictorials have been—it’s giving a peek into their family, but still blocking the viewer out.  There is literally a wall there between the viewer and the Cambridges.  It’s like they’re saying, “We’re in here, you are out there and you don’t get to come in.”  It’s a reflection of William’s attitude toward the press and public.

They go onto point out how often the press was granted family photos of the Prince and Princess of Wales when Prince William himself was a child.

You know what’s a happy family baby photo?  This one.  And this one.  And this one.  And this one.  Oh, and this one, too.  And those are just the top Google searches.  There are plenty more.  Unfortunately it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting that from George.

It makes me particularly uneasy seeing as how unhappy they look in such a staged, calculated photo.

Here’s to hoping their upcoming tour proves the couple to be a bit more, shall we say, happy to be in one another’s company.

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Royal Rewind: Week of March 28, 2014

January 1995 family vacation in Klosters, Switzerland.

Princess Eugenie + Princess Beatrice + Prince William + Prince Harry Skiing

This past week in Royal news…

Princess Eugenie celebrated her 24th birthday.

The Duke of Cambridge says he wants to work in the Foreign Office to learn more about diplomatic matters.

Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas go on ski trip in Kazakhstan. Criticism follows immediately.

Prince George started crawling while the Duke and Duchess were on their jaunt to the Maldives.

Cressida was a no show at St.James Palace event she was (falsely) reported to have been planning to co host.

The Queen was quite busy this week, appearing at both Lloyd’s of London and meeting with members of the Irish community.

Zara Phillips is a “no-nonsense” mom and is kind of amazing.

Fergie lost weight and the world is losing its mind (for some reason).

The new nanny is actually 43 years old, quite a difference from the original age being reported as 22… but a more pressing concern is that she allegedly avoided tax payments in her home country of Spain.

Around the web…

Fox to premiere reality dating show this summer where contestants think the prize is marrying Prince Harry. (Because apparently they found contestants that have had no access to reality for the past 20 years?)

However, these 24 reasons why Prince Harry would make a great husband are pretty convincing.

Rumors have it that Kate doesn’t have much time for Pippa anymore…Cressida taking Pippa’s place?

Friends at What Would Kate Do wrote of the possible shoes Kate could wear on the Royal Tour. Each pair is flawless, as expected.

The Royal Tour is less than ten days away! And yes, I’m counting down the days… can.not.wait.

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Kensington Palace’s renovation backlash


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are supposedly bracing themselves for backlash once the costs are revealed regarding their Kensington Palace renovations.

Budget woes

With the budget of Apartment 1A, once home to Princess Margaret, originally set at  £1 million, it’s expected to double by completion. Much of the initial cost was, however, because of “essential building work” which includes roofing, heating, and asbestos removal.

Color scheme disappoints

The color palette Kate had chosen initially has apparently left her dissatisfied and it must be redone. She’s said to be blaming her original choice of paint, and it’s “horrible purple tinge,”on the pregnancy hormones she was experiencing at the time.

Kensington Palace Apartments

Cost for taxpayers

I’m admittedly not well-versed on how much the monarchy receives from the taxpayers and how much is their own fortune, but with the economic climate as of late, and the hardships facing many at this time, I can certainly see how many would be frustrated with such reports of their royals spending. Add to that William and Kate’s £5,000 “donation” to flood victims and I’d be pretty disenchanted as well.

I’m not sure who helps guide the two in their royal spending, yet alone their public image, but it doesn’t take a PR maven to know this is not going to go over well…

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Royal Rewind: Week of March 21, 2014

Harry smiles at William

Harry smiles at William

This past week in Royal news…

The Duke of Cambridge knighted the doctor who delivered Prince George. (He was also the doctor who helped in the delivery of Prince Edward’s daughter, Lady Louise Windsor, in 2003 when she was delivered a month early to Sophie, Countess of Wessex, saving both of their lives.)

The Countess also visited the hospital and met the staff that helped in her care during 2003. It proved to be an (understandingly) emotional visit for Sophie.

Prince Harry played soccer with friends. Hotness ensued.

Prince Charles and Camilla visited a children’s hospital where Camilla remarked about the children reminding her of Prince George.

Cressida moved, now just two Tube stops away from Prince Harry’s apartment.

The Queen is a fan of the children’s series Peppa Pig.

William and Kate donated £5,000 to flood victims. Critics point out this amount is not even the total cost of their Maldives trip…

The Queen and Prince Philip visited the Rambert dance company.

Around the web…

A bit dated, but I just found out what Pippa gifted her nephew, Prince George, and I’m pretty creeped out.

This collection of Royals photographed at Sochi is awesome. Note: Princess Anne.

Prince Harry and Cressida may be related.

Prince Harry turned down chance to present an award at Heavy Metal awards show… allegedly ‘big fan’ of metal music.

Otherwise, it’s been pretty quiet on the Royal front.

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William and Kate visit Irish Guards for St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

Irish Guards

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made their first official appearance together for 2014 today at the Battalion Irish Guards in Aldershot to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Kate and Irish Guard Dog

W + K

Baby on the way?

When asked about their future plans for another baby, William’s reported as saying, “Maybe one day. One’s enough at the moment.”

Maybe their trip last week wasn’t to work on baby no. 2 after all.

Kate meets wee girls

Kate looked stunning and was darling, as usual, while speaking with her little fans.  It was also revealed by William that Prince George is already crawling… I wonder if he still “roars like a lion.”

Gorgeous in green


It was much anticipated to see what Kate would wear, after having worn the same (fabulous) outfit the past two years. She did, however, wear the same hat that she wore this past Christmas. Some are frustrated that she bought a new outfit that looks exactly the same.

Her 2012 look is still my favorite.

But let’s be honest, green looks great on Kate, she looks happy, and that Domnhall, the Regimental Mascot, is absolutely brilliant. 

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Royal Rewind: Week of March 14, 2014

Prince Harry and Diana

This past week in Royal news…

Prince Edward turned 50 (and I discovered this candid photo from after his birth).

Their Majesties King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium met with Queen Elizabeth II for an official one-day visit.

Some members of the Royal Family attended the Cheltenham Festival and the races were nearly overshadowed by the amount of fabulous hats and fascinators. (Who doesn’t love a perfect fascinator? If only I had more occasions to wear one…)

Prince Harry’s trek to the South Pole will be aired on television. (I’m assuming British, unless the US stations pick it up.)

The latest in the hacking scandal is that Princess Diana supposedly leaked important phone numbers to the press in order to gain allies.

And, of course, more Cressida gossip. It’s being reported that she is “not ready to marry“… which I can understand, although personally, if Harry can’t wait to marry, I volunteer. I’ll have my things pack up and ready to ship to Kensington by morning.

Around the web…

What it would look like if Prince Harry had married Kate. (You can’t unsee this, just a fair warning.)

And, on that topic, apparently Kate might be on Prince Harry’s last nerve.

The Jecca Craig debacle from last month still boggles the mind.

William and Kate will take a mid-tour vacation next month, leaving George again, but only for a two days.

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Is Kate Cressida’s Princess Coach?

Kate Middleton and Cressida Bonas

As engagement rumors continue to swirl around Prince Harry and Cressida, many are reporting that the Duchess of Cambridge is allegedly prepping Cressida for the Princess lifestyle.

Cressida the debutante

Rubbing elbows with royals is nothing new for Cressida as it once was for Kate. I suspect Cressida can hold her own on that front, and quite possibly, even offer some advice to the Duchess… such as not walking ahead of the Queen, and to whom she should curtsy.

York Princesses vs. Kate


Allegedly, the York Princesses don’t fancy Kate all that much. And it seems as though Kate feels the same about them.

Disco drama

The story most cited as having cause the great schism goes back to 2008 when Kate didn’t invite the sisters to The Day-Glo Midnight Roller Disco fundraiser. When Princess Beatrice asked Kate about the event, Kate failed to mention the “fancy dress” theme, leaving the Princess a bit embarrassed at the event. Even worse, allegedly, when she tried to ask Kate about it at the event, Kate is said to have simply snubbed her.

“When Princess Beatrice tried to confront Kate at the event she ignored Beatrice and continued to drink shots at the bar. Beatrice confronted her again and again, until Kate told her foul things And finally told her to “Fuck off.”  It was at that event that Beatrice was found crying by a reporter.” || Kate Middleton Criticism

Royal matchmakers

The Princesses are said to have a close relationship with their cousin, Prince Harry. They are credited for having set the Prince up with their good friend Cressida.

York Sisters with Cressida

Some suspect they initially introduced the pair to spite Kate. While this may have been a factor, it seems they may have made a somewhat fitting match. (However, I’m still not convinced.)

Harry and Cressida

William’s unrequited love

This probably stems from the fact that Prince William was turned down by Cressida’s older sister, Isabella Calthorpe. Something that seems to still bother Kate, and maybe even still make her feel a bit threatened.

“No woman makes Kate as insecure as Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe,” a palace insider tells In Touch of Cressida’s half-sister – for whom William left Kate for five years ago.” – In Touch Weekly print edition || Celebitchy

Carole confronted William?

An interesting piece of gossip (so obviously to be taken with a grain of salt) is that William and Isabella had rekindled their relationship to an extent back in 2009, leading Carole Middleton to confront William. While I do think Carole played an immense role in getting William and Kate together, I’m side-eyeing this story to a certain extent. But then again, she seems to be a of a go-getter, to put it politely.

I think Kate should just put on her favorite tiara, take a bubble bath and r-e-l-a-x. She’s already got the ring and the baby. And the ability to jaunt off for vacays with her prince really anytime she fancies… micromanaging your brother-in-law’s love life seems the least of her “problems.”

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Royal Nanny out with Prince George, Queen Celebrates Commonwealth Day

Photos have been released of the Cambridge’s newly-hired nanny. Speculations originally had the nanny’s age as 22 years old, however this has proved false.

The Spanish native nanny reportedly has 20 years of nanny experience, upping her age to early or mid-30’s. Some frown at the royal couple’s pick, while the British royals have a tradition of hiring older, British women as their nannies.

So long as Prince George is receiving the proper care any baby deserves, I don’t think her age or nationality is really much of a concern.

The debate about whether or not it was appropriate for the Cambridge’s to leave Prince George behind, however, rages on.

Commonwealth Day 2014

LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 10:  Prince Phillip and HRH Queen Elizabeth II attend the Commonwealth day observance service at Westminster Abbey on March 10, 2014 in London, England.  (Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)

Queen Elizabeth II. and Duke of Edinburgh arrived all smiles for Commonwealth day at Westminster Abbey. Joining them were Prince Charlies and Camilla, as well as Prince Edward and Sophie. It’s worth noting that this was the second of Sophie’s public appearances for the day, putting obvious pressure on Kate to step it up.

Royal Rewind

As we wait for Will and Kate to return, I am currently smitten with the photos from Prince William’s first royal tour to Australia back in 1983. (Also, how much does he look like Prince George!)

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